The BRIGHT Walk is an epic 11km walking challenge that takes place on a crisp winter evening in Adelaide.

The 2024 event will be happening on 6 July – so come along with your friends and family to enjoy the best of Illuminate Adelaide plus food, drinks and live music.



– the number of walkers who have taken on BRIGHT so far



– the amount raised for life-saving medical research


The BRIGHT Walk is an epic one-night challenge, raising funds to help SAHMRI cure disease and save lives.

This year, the event takes place on Saturday 6 July. The 11km route will take walkers past dozens of dazzling Illuminate Adelaide displays plus exclusive experiences lighting up the darkness with life and colour.

Facing mental and physical health disorders, both personally or as a loved one of someone who is, can be a dark road. Health and medical research give us hope. The BRIGHT Walk is a metaphor for this challenging journey, marching a long road at night through the middle of winter, side by side with a united community.

The money raised goes to SAHMRI’s researchers, pushing towards life-saving discoveries, bringing us all closer to a brighter, healthier future. 



This year’s route is slightly shorter than last year’s, at 11km. It takes in a number of spectacular light installations, including some of the Illuminate Adelaide showpieces.

The installations get brighter and brighter en route before the finish at SAHMRI’s Cheesegrater, where our walkers will be – literally – bathed in warmth and light as a symbol of hope for a brighter, healthier future for all.


“Going past 80 years old, I stand as the oldest male my family has ever had. Thanks to research I’ve been able to learn about why strokes happen, along with proper diet and exercise, and I’ve got access to medicine that can help me.”

Retired high school principal, Terry Tierney, 81, who comes from a family with a history of stroke, is thankful for the support of SAHMRI cardiovascular health researcher, Associate Professor Christina Bursill, in helping him navigate the complexities of treatment and medical research.

“Financial support is essential for sustaining research initiatives. Every contribution, no matter how small, adds up to make a big difference.”

“It gives me such pride to see so many South Australians taking part in and donating to our BRIGHT Walk to support their health and medical research.

“The money raised gives SAHMRI’s world-class researchers the means and flexibility to pursue innovations that can lead to rapid improvements in health care for so many common conditions like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and dementia.

“Thank you so much for your support.”

– Prof. Maria Makrides (SAHMRI Executive Director)



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