12 December

WE DID IT! What an incredible 10 days it has been – thank you so much to all of our walkers for joining us for this year’s very first BRIGHT challenge for SAHMRI!

Right now, collectively, we’ve walked, run, crawled and pushed ourselves over 23,000km and raised over $185,000 with more donations coming in every minute.

It’s been so fantastic to share your daily triumphs and challenges, and to see the photos and updates you’ve shared from right across Australia.

Earlier today, Angelique Boileau ticked off a sunny 6.39km walk around the Torrens and managed to snap this awesome picture right outside SAHMRI!

Go angelique!

Angelique is taking part with her team Boileau Business Technology – who are also our amazing Founding Partners. Thank you, Boileau!

Over these last 10 days, every step we have taken and every dollar we’ve raised will make a real impact for SAHMRI’s lifesaving research into heart disease, cancer, premature birth, indigenous health and more.

Don’t forget to share photos of your triumph on your last day of BRIGHT with your sponsors along with our heartfelt thanks – and share your photos with us on Facebook and your favourite social media channels with the hashtag #sahmribright.

Thank you so much everyone, and we hope your feet and legs are enjoying a very well-deserved rest!

11 December

It’s been fantastic seeing so many walkers sharing their “challenge completed” badges today – and also hearing the stories of so many who are going even further, and aiming for one more celebratory walk on the final day of the challenge, this Saturday, 12 December!

We thought today was a great day to check in with our oldest – and one of our most enthusiastic walkers – Alf Farina, who at a sprightly 91 years young, took on the 50km distance and is just a few dollars short of his $2,000 fundraising goal.

meet ALF

If your legs are feeling weary and you’re looking for some inspiration to get out the door on the final day of your challenge, you can listen in to Alf chatting on air with ABC Radio Adelaide’s roving reporter Spence Denny about his tips for health and vitality here.

Alf bolted out the gate early with his daily walks and has hit his 50km distance challenge – congratulations Alf!

To all of you who have taken on this epic challenge so far – thank you!
Let’s bring it home!

10 December

Our passionate community are on the final stretch now, it’s time to bring it home!

Everyone is racing for the finish and it is brilliant to see how you’re all getting on. So many of you are so close to the finish line!

We’ve been chatting a lot these last couple of days with people pressing on from their goals and going the extra distance. With the end of the BRIGHT challenge in sight, if you are near, or over, your walking or fundraising goal, why not nudge it up a little? Then your friends will be even more likely to help you push for the finish.

We are so very pleased to announce that we have passed $175,000 in fundraising too – thank you so much!


Today we’ve been inspired by learning more about Michelle Nightingale‘s reasons for signing up for BRIGHT.

‘Five years ago I was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia called APML. It has only been through the research and treatment protocols that have come into place in the last 25 years that this disease has gone from one of the deadliest forms of leukemia to now being the most treatable.

We need to support the research that happens each day so other hideous diseases can be treated and hopefully, cured!

We couldn’t have said it better, Michelle. Thank you so much for joining us and a massive well done for covering 66km so far. You are so close to reaching that magical 75km milestone!

9 December

It’s been one week since we all kicked off our BRIGHT walk and collectively we’ve covered over 19,500kms – WOW! since

What an achievement – that’s more than the distance around the entire country! Well done everyone!

We can’t thank you enough for pounding the pavements over these last seven days.

And for helping to bring hope, and for powering research into some of the greatest health issues of our time.

Fellow BRIGHT walker, and Channel 9 news presenter Will McDonald was in shock the day he was given a life-changing prostate cancer diagnosis at the age of just 42.

meet will mcdonald

What Will thought was a hip injury from his active gym-going lifestyle was in fact a fast-spreading cancer which had already gone from his prostate to his hip. He had no other symptoms.

“I’d started going through the ‘why me’ conversation with myself, but by the time I’d gotten home, I’d come to the realisation of ‘why not me?’.”

Early in Will’s journey, he was given frank news about his diagnosis: it is incurable. He would only ever be in remission. But his positivity wasn’t about to accept that outlook; and with medical research, he knows he has hope.

Will has already travelled over 44km since signing up for BRIGHT 5 days ago. Thank you Will for inspiring us all to keep going, and with the final days upon us, let’s bring it home!

8 December

We’ve reached the end of Day 6, and what a day it’s been!!! .

A heartfelt thank you to Raymond Spencer who has charged his way to first place on the fundraising leaderboard, what a hero!

Over lunch, a few members of team SAHMRI got together to get their BRIGHT steps in, walking 5km! 

They couldn’t resist a photo op with SAHMRI shining BRIGHTly in the background. .


If you’re in our Facebook group, you might have spotted some brilliant updates along the way from mother and daughter duo Courtney and Natalie.

Natalie is walking in Kabra, near Rockhampton and her mum Courtney has been by her virtual side in Narango. Together, yet 500km apart.

Team BearyRoughWalkers were inspired to make a difference, and unite with our BRIGHT community to support research, and help to save lives.

“Feeling so emotional today, as we’re doing this walk in memory of my darling Dad who we lost in 2011 to pancreatic cancer, and his mum, Mama, who we also lost to cancer in 1980.

“As I clock off the kms, they are very much in my thoughts, knowing I’m doing my small bit to help with research into such painful diseases.” Courtney said.

Thank you both so much for making an impact, we’re with you every step of the way – you’ve got this!

7 December

It’s Day 5, we’re almost halfway there! Collectively, our passionate walkers have raised an extraordinary $156,000 so far – we can’t thank you enough.

Kudos to Rumuesh Silva who has already surpassed his goal, and is currently at 80km. Rumesh isn’t stopping there with a new goal of 120km – incredible! Silur our

A second shout out to Diane Ranck, today we’re celebrating you!


Diane is joining us from South Australia and has been keeping us updated with her progress and fantastic selfies along the way.

Not deterred by the wind, rain, or sun, Diane has managed to clock up an impressive 38km, and raised over $600 – well done!

Diane decided to take on the BRIGHT challenge in honour of her husband and her dad.

Her husband sadly passed away from heart disease, so Diane was inspired to sign up to make an impact – and to support cardiovascular research. Thank YOU, Diane, for inspiring us all!

6 December

Wow! Our walkers knocked it out of the park on Saturday, clocking up long distances, and walking across beautiful beaches, up mountains, and on treadmills too! A big shout out to everyone for sharing your photos and videos with us on social media, and for inspiring and encouraging your fellow walkers in our Facebook group!

Today we’re shining a light on long-term SAHMRI supporter, Chris Lightowler.


Chris is 81 years young, and is taking on the 75km challenge this year – what a legend!

Chris’s wife, Lea Thin is so proud of her husband for raising $2,500 so far – and walking over 40km already.

Being a Medico involved in clinical anesthesia & research, I firmly believe in the power of research in finding solutions to diseases to improve health & wellbeing.

What an opportunity to incorporate Chris’s newly established regime of daily morning walk (since the onset of COVID) into SAHMRI’s new signature fundraiser!”

Thank you so much for your support Chris, your rewards look great on you!

5 December

It’s Day 3 of SAHMRI’s BRIGHT 2020, and collectively, our fantastic participants have already covered an impressive distance. Well done everyone – we’ll be cheering you all along across this weekend!

Today’s spotlight is on Aimee Ford, who made an unusual pledge to her supporters in return for their sponsorship – one which she had to keep!


Aimee is the mother of two children who were born prematurely (they are both well and happy now), and is therefore passionate about raising funds for medical research, including into neonatal care.

Aimee’s original fundraising target was $500, but she soon smashed her way through that thanks to her generous supporters. So she then came up with a fun way to keep that total rising.

“If (or when?) my goal reaches $1,000, I will walk from one end of Rundle Mall to the other dressed in this inflatable dinosaur costume! If this is something you want to see, please donate!”

And lo and behold, her friends and family came up with the cash – so Aimee will be true to her word and will complete her dinosaur dare.

Thank you Aimee – as you’ve managed to raise over $1,000, you are officially a BRIGHT star!

4 December

Welcome to Day 2 of SAHMRI’s BRIGHT 2020! We hope you’re all feeling comfortable and confident after your first day of walking.

Today, we thought we’d share the incredible story of David Butler, another courageous and inspiring individual who’s taking on the 50km walk.


David Butler was diagnosed with prostate cancer in January 2018. He took part in the Dr Jones & Partners’ PET – Prostate PSMA Scan trial at SAHMRI on 30 January 2018, which played a very significant role in his treatment procedures from April 2018 through to November 2019.

He still has signs of the cancer and has been scanned again very recently.

An ongoing key component of David’s positive approach to enjoying life has been his fitness training – intensive gym resistance and cardio training (5 times a week) and road and trail running (over 25km/week). He’s also run in 10km and half marathons over the past 1 1/2 years. So he was very keen to take on a challenge for BRIGHT and raise money for SAHMRI and medical research.

“The researchers at SAHMRI found things that have allowed me to have better treatment and that’s why I’m doing BRIGHT – because I know they helped me to keep moving.

“I don’t want people to see me as a sick person, I want them to see me as a person who’s enjoying life.

Thank you, David, for everything you’re doing – we really appreciate your support.


Welcome to SAHMRI’s BRIGHT 2020! The time has come to lace up your trainers and step up to the start line! Wishing you the very best of luck with your challenge – and please stay safe while you’re out and about by keeping yourself hydrated, wearing plenty of sunscreen and looking after those precious feet!

We’ll be posting updates and sharing stories as all our BRIGHT stars begin to clock up their kms.

Please help us create a real buzz around our very first BRIGHT by sharing pics of your walking routes and your challenge highlights on social and in the Facebook group using the hashtag #brightwalk.

In the spotlight for our very first Daily post is Yvie Eglinton, a truly inspiring participant.

YVIE’s Story

As well as being the first day of BRIGHT, 3 December is also the International Day of People with Disability, celebrating the strength and achievements of those living with disability.

We’d like to take this opportunity to celebrate our BRIGHT ambassador Yvie Eglinton, who isn’t letting a cycling accident that left her with paraplegia get in the way of taking on the challenge.

“Eleven years ago, I suffered a spinal cord injury. In the blink of an eye my life changed forever.

“Life with a spinal cord injury isn’t easy. There are so many complications you could never imagine.

“I’m taking part in this fantastic event to help focus the conversation on life-changing research, not life-changing injury. I’m thrilled to be doing that with so many others across SA.”

Signed up

Over 1,500


Training recorded



Already raised

Over $185K